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  •     หัวข้อ: Senior Boarding School
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    Senior Boarding School

    Our Senior Boarding School adopts the philosophy of Rugby School Thailand, embracing the challenges of academic excellence, responsibility and leadership, friendship and participation in a wide variety of activities. Boarding life is at the very heart of that.  


    The Boarding Community 

    Senior School boarding students and staff come to Rugby School Thailand from a wide range of backgrounds.  The staff, collectively, have very considerable experience and wisdom. The students all have vast potential. Together they create a community.  Nothing beats the community of a boarding school house; in that everyone plays a part.  


    Friendship and Relationships through Boarding 

    One of the greatest gifts we can receive is that of friendship – being received into a group openly and willingly. This might take time, but when it happens it is fulfilling.  At Rugby School Thailand, we hope that friendships will spring up within year groups, within Houses, between those in different Houses, within classes, within teams and within other extra-curricular activity. Respect and inclusivity are the very cornerstones of a successful boarding environment.  


    Boarding is a wonderful opportunity, full of challenges to meet and lessons to learn. When a young person boards at Rugby School Thailand they join a family, one that will grow and inevitably change constantly to meet the needs of its members. That family consists of a House Dean, the House Dean’s own family, perhaps a house pet or two, the House Matron and the Assistant House Dean too. Together with the domestic team they form the members of a community that will provide a nurturing, positive and inclusive environment, one that seeks to be a home away from home promoting tolerance, respect and trust at all times. Once a young person joins a boarding house here, they form life-long relationships. 


    We encourage those in our care to be patient, responsible, to know their own mind and to always try to be a little kinder than is necessary. This is a special opportunity, wonderful preparation for stages in a young person’s life requiring greater independence and the chance to grow in every way. #Boarding school in Pattaya

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